Applied Tle


They are True Artisans

“Since 2012, we have worked with Greg Woelfel, owner of Applied Tile, on 4 related projects, all with extensive tile work, both interior and exterior.  We are very appreciative that our general contractor, Wolf Corp, selected Applied Tile to do our work.  Respected Santa Fe builder John Wolf himself said several times that Greg Woelfel wrote the book on how to install tile.  Truer words were never spoken.  We are more than satisfied with the skilled work that Greg and Alberto did on our projects; they are true artisans.  Their eye for detail was as consistent as their commitment to doing exceptional work.  Greg’s input on the stone used in various locations was spot on.  He not only helped us avoid unsuitable materials, but made positive suggestions on how to achieve the look we were aiming for as well.  Greg’s affable character was a welcome addition to our project team.  That’s not to say that there weren’t issues from time to time.  Greg is, after all, a northern New Mexican with a love for his family and the outdoors.  Consequently, on occasion, Greg would ‘excuse himself’ from work to go huntin’ or fishin’ with his sons and daughters.  His strong work ethic, however, insured that he made up any lost time quickly, efficiently, professionally and with a good sense of humor.”

-Lee Caldwell

His Work is Always Flawless

“As an architect, I have worked with Greg Woelful for 15 years. In the process,I became aware of his impressive skill, knowledge, and talent installing tile, flagstone, in various challenging situations. His knowledge and skill is extremely impressive, his work is always flawless, and his aesthetic and design judgement is superb. He is in my judgement and opinion the best and most skilled tile/stone setter/contractor in New Mexico. Without question!”

-Nini Reeves, Architect